Ricoh GR1v / Kodak Ektar
Ricoh GR1v / Kodak Ektar
Canon AE-1 / FD 28mm f2.8 S.S.C
Ricoh GR1v / Kodak Ektar

Amphawa Floating Market is one of the many markets built on waters. Why do they want to work on such cramped boats? I believe it’s sheer enticement.

Have you ever pondered, why are there so many notable markets in Thailand? Like floating markets, railway markets…?” JL asks. “You said they are features.”

Actually, after making tours of those places, I still didn’t see any noteworthy “features”.

Let me put it this way, I feel just like “I had been here”, and no more.

JL asks with an unrelenting stare, “So how many floating markets had you stopped over in?”

“Should be three. One near Bangkok, another one is Amphawa Floating Market, around 4 hours from Bangkok.” I give a subtle wink, “The last one is near that, but it was just a fake one dug from scratch. I forgot its name.”

JL asks, “From scratch? Do you mean that it is an artificial canal or lake?”

“Yes, it is a lake.
It is so tiny that I can’t even recall its name.
It is just a fun-size artificial lake where people do their trades on the lake, forming an awkward floating market.”

JL shakes her head, “Are they doing that just to entice more tourists?”

“I believe so,” I reply.
“Who on the earth likes to stay on a narrow boat for a whole long day?”

“Let’s talk more about Amphawa?”

It is perched on the scenic Amphawa Canal, with denoting wooden huts and seats on the uplifted edges.

The market fills up the whole locale that no obvious marks of where it is setting about could be found.

“Amphawa just becomes popular these years.
 There aren’t too many people, it’s not crammed at all.
 Literally people will drop by here after exploring Maeklong Railway Market.”

“That scene in the Korean TV show ’City Hunter’?” JL asks.

“I only watched the first episode of that drama. The main character differs too much from the one in the original comics.
The movie ‘Bangkok Dangerous’ is much more enjoyable, despite the fact that it is a B-movie.”

JL bursts into laughter, “Because it is not erotic enough? Is it not sexually stimulating?”

“To say the least, it is just not ‘City Hunter’.” I fan my heated face with my hands, “Let’s talk about Amphawa, besides market, it also owns other features.”

JL looks interested, “Huh? Come on, admit it!”

“Have you ever seen fireflies? I think this isn’t common for city dwellers.
I had seen many when I was a kid.
You can get on the tour boats here at night, they will take you to the bushes nearby to watch them.
In fact, I think it worth trying. I have never seen so many fireflies.”

JL says, “The cities are just too bright for fireflies.”

“True. I like going away from cities once in a while.
 Actually, the rivers far from the markets are peaceful at night. “

In the subdued dim nights,
the gentle breezes are gusting through the trees.
When the heavens are filled up with real stars,they gambol and wing their ways over the bushes,
portraying the starry nights on the rivers, every so often.

“So what was your biggest gain from Amphawa?” JL asks.

“Interesting, I saw a music box playing a light rhythm song. I love it. I asked for its name, surprisingly I found it on YouTube.”

“Can you read that name of the song?” JL puckers her forehead, “I think you have no idea what they are singing about?”

“Indeed, I cannot read that name. The lyrics are roughly about a young lad fallen in love with an older lady.” I let out a toothy smile, “I could not find a gramophone record of this song, so I can only listen to it on YouTube. I believe this is the last reward I got from Amphawa.”

Amphawa actually just situates near Maeklong Railway Market.
 People usually visit here after touring the railway market.



Victor Tai | Freedom is a Right



  • LocationAmphoe Amphawa,
    Chang Wat Samut Songkhram 75110,
  • CameraRicoh GR1v / Kodak Ektar
    Canon AE-1 / FD 28mm f2.8 S.S.C / ILFORD 100
  • Other Language繁體中文

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